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About This Program

You can quit smoking online, and this program provides the same methods and techniques that I use in my office. This online program gives you the support you need. There are videos and complete sessions for your first seven days.

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Does Hypnosis Really Work?

Thousands of people have watched my videos, and I have hypnotized hundreds of people in my office. I help people quit smoking every day. But it's not just my observation that hypnosis works, it has also been researched by major universities, who have found.

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Meet Your Hypnotist

Richard Nongard is a leading professional in the field of hypnosis. He has written books in both counseling and hypnotherapy and is a nationally known trainer, teaching the principles of effective hypnosis to others. You can benefit from his expertise and experience.

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One of our video programs has over 220,000 views. Here are some of the ACTUAL comments:

"Along with this video and some effort, it will work. i haven't had a cigarette for 3 months now."

"This is absoloute Magic... I've been wanting to quit for a long time and wasn't prepared before trying this. It's day 3 and I have not smoked or wanted to smoke..."

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